Is The Water You Get at Home So Perfect?

What kind of water you really consume?

Tap water The water at home is used for various purposes: cooking, laundry, washing dishes, watering plants, etc. It’s no a secret that the tap water is full of impurities and contaminants. Water contains a huge number of different compounds such as nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides and radionuclides. For safe use of such water it should be cleaned. Water filters do not allow various impurities to get into the human body and household appliances. By using such water washing machines and dishwashers work much longer. The water passes through dirty and rusty pipes, bringing into the house small particles of rust and dirt that accumulate on the work items of household appliances, wearing them out and bringing them down. Filters eliminate contamination from these and prolong their life. Filtering is the most effective way to purify water from harmful substances and microorganisms.

Water without chlorine

Water supplied to the city water system contains chlorine. At the water treatment plants the chlorine is used as a water disinfection method. This toxic substance can have a negative impact on living organisms. We should eat, cook and even take a shower using the water purified from chlorine. We should know that only the cold water is being chlorinated, but the hot water does not contain any chlorine. If the chlorinated water is used for watering plants, burns occur on the leaves and roots. This is caused by the chemical processes occurring in conjunction with chlorine substances. After some time the plant will die. To avoid this, you need to water your plants with purified water.